An IC Junior's sense of gratitude and perspective

An IC Junior's sense of gratitude and perspective

An IC Junior's sense of gratitude and perspective

Alongside most of the IC events, we try to organise a tennis clinic for less advantaged children and for those in difficult circumstances. Not only does this reflect the IC spirit but it is also close to our hearts with the worldwide IC Philanthropy projects.

Often, this is the most rewarding part of the event and always receives positive comments and emotions from all involved. The IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge 2019 regional events were no exception, so much so that a 16 year old girl from the IC of USA, expressed her gratitude and positivity in the following personal note:

"I would like to reach out and thank you personally for the amazing event in the Bahamas. Not only was the tennis competitive and exciting, it was great to meet kids from other countries. But, the activity that really stood out for me from the whole weekend was the service work. Working with the kids was an eye opening experience that helped me understand how grateful I should be for the opportunities given to me. Initially, I did not know what to expect from working with the kids from families who lost their homes to the hurricane, but what I did not expect was to see the joy on the kids faces, taking an unfortunate event and still being able to see the bright side. That is the type of mentality I want to bring into my everyday life. Thank you again for the great event."

Not only do we hope to make a difference to the lives of many young disadvantaged people, but also to give everyone the opportunity to learn life skills and have unique experiences through the sport of tennis.


Robert Abdesselam Trophy Robert Abdesselam Trophy

Robert Abdesselam Trophy

Un equipo formado por Begoña Eraña, Ana Almansa, Angel Luis Arbelo y Jairo Velasco ha representado al IC España en el Robert Abdesselam Trophy en Beaulieu sur Mer.

Andrés Gimeno Andrés Gimeno

Andrés Gimeno

Andrés Gimeno, socio honorario del International Lawn Tennis club de España y un gran referente de los valores que el International Club promueve, perdió su batalla contra una larga enfermedad el pasado miércoles 9...

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