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The world-wide finals of the IC Junior 16 and under Challenge takes place in New Delhi from 12-17 December.

Teams of two boys, two girls and an adult captain, which qualified from last year’s regional challenges held on each continent, were: Germany, USA, GB, New Zealand (holders) India and Brazil.
Regrettably, owing to the fact that the travel agent handling all the arrangements for the Brazilian youngsters went bankrupt and all the funds were lost, they will not be able to travel to India. We are sure they will be desperately disappointed not to attend the final, but no financial arrangements could be put in place in time to recover the situation. Fortunately, our Indian colleagues with the help of AITA have been able to field a second Indian team. However, these set backs do not come without placing an additional strain on the organisers, who have to bear the cost of flying the second team into Delhi- which is not an inexpensive exercise. We are grateful to our Indian friends for being able to complete the draw in this way.
The finals are played on a round-robin basis with winners each day gaining one point. The champion team will be the one with most wins. If there is a tie either in the daily matches, or at the end of the week, the winners will be decided by a mixed doubles “champion’s tie break”. This is always an exciting way to define the winner rather than doing it by any mathematical percentage win/loss method.
One thing is certain to make this event stand out from other competitions – it will be played in the IC spirit of good sportsmanship and fair-play, which the International Club feels is such an important message to send out to the young tennis players of today. If they doubt it, they only have to reference the way our two principal IC members Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play the game
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