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"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

The International Lawn Tennis Club of Spain

It is a great honour for me to be able to continue the legacy of my father, who was the President and promoter of IC Spain from 1985. I have had the privilege of sharing this passion with him for many years and I am committed to continuing it.

In 1924, the English, who were the first to set rules for games and establish sports clubs, had the idea of ​​promoting friendship between nations through sports. With this objective in mind, the International Clubs were founded. The idea came from Wallis Myers, a correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, with the support of then British Prime Minister Lord Balfour. The IC is a very special platform that creates unique events around the world and preserves the traditions of our sport. The International Club of Spain, founded in 1973, has actively participated in the activities promoted by the IC Council and we will continue to do so in the future.

We are immensely proud of the development of the Potter Cup, a veteran men's team competition for players over 45 that was to have celebrated its 47th edition in 2020. In its next edition, this competition will also celebrate the IV Two President’s Cup for 40+ players. Sadly, COVID-19 and its consequences have forced us to postpone this year’s event. We will keep you promptly informed of any news.

With warn regards,

Berta Tintoré,
President, ICE


ACELL Federation players back on court ACELL Federation players back on court

ACELL Federation players back on court

Athletes benefitting from the IC Philanthrophy program in Spain have returned to on-court training following the lifting of Covid restrictions.

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