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"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

The International Lawn Tennis Club of Spain

Dear members,

It’s an honor and at the same time a big responsibility to follow the steps and legacy of my father as President of the ILTC of Spain who dedicated over forty years to make the IC a very special place. I want to have a special mention to my sister Berta who helped him with great dedication and passion to achieve where we are today.

With the new Board, we are committed to continue expanding the genuine IC mission “Hands Across the Net, Friendship Across the Ocean” by creating and delivering new experiences through the unique combination of game play, social and cultural activities that the IC can offer, both locally and internationally. 

In addition to our flagship events “Potter Cup and Two Presidents Cup”, we are working hard to extend match play opportunities and events across the Spanish geography that can address a diverse representation of gender and age groups. As an example, in January we held our first “IC Day” in Barcelona with a great group of members, and we want to promote this successful experience across different cities.

To do so we are leveraging the great credibility the ILTC Spain has built over the years and we are reaching out across different areas to maximize resources and build a sustainable financial model that can provide us with strong resources to provide you with the level of service and attention you deserve as a member.

We could not ask for a better time, as this year we celebrate a double 50th anniversary both of the ILTC Spain and the Potter Cup, which was held for the first time in Biarritz (France) in 1973 by John Potter.

On behalf of all the ILTC Spain Board members, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for your trust and support in this new journey, fulfilled with new and exciting opportunities.

Together we will uphold the highest standards and values for the game while maintaining goodwill and fellowship throughout our tennis community, as per the philosophy of the IC spirit.

Warm regards.

Santi Tintoré
ILTC Spain President



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