Potter Cup 2009

The IC Spanish team was the winner of the XXXVII Potter Cup, XVI Campionat de Catalunya, VII Gran Premi Generalitat de Catalunya, that was held once again at the RC Polo of Barcelona from May 28 to May 31, organized by the IC of Spain with the support of the Catalan Tennis Federation. Ten IC teams participated on this edition: IC Belgium, IC France, IC Ireland, IC Israel, IC Italy, IC Luxemburg, IC Great Britain, IC USA , IC Germany, IC Spain. The IC of Spain, number two seeded in the Competition won the finals against the defending winner of 2008, IC Great Britain, by 4 to 1.

Those were the results of the final:
Victories for the IC of Spain
Jordi Arrese def. Jeremy Bates by 6/4 6/4
Miquel Puigdevall def. Nick Fullwood by 6/ and default.
Eduard Osta def. Simon Curtis by 6/0 6/0
Jesús Colàs def. Nick Brown by 6/3 6/3
Victories for the IC of Great Britain
Craig Campbell def. Fernando Luna by 6/2 6/3

The social events during the Competition were full spontaneous performances of the same players turning it into a unique event. The president of the IC of Spain together with the President of the Catalan Tennis Federation honoured the President of the Polo Club for his outstanding job in hosting this Competition. Also the President of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona honoured the President of the IC of Spain for his work in developing and organizing this event that Jeremy Bates states is the more special one he plays around the year.

Main Draw


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By: Ronny Goldman

Before 85 years,
With a lot of sweat and tears,
By people with vision and creativity,
The new-born IC started its activity.

Tennis is the game,
Friendship is the name,
Wonderful sportsmanship & harmony,
Are the sounds of this symphony.

"You can feel it night and day",
As one IC member used to say,
It is crossing nations and continents,
Everywhere it has the same components.

Always looking forward to attend,
Playing great tennis, dreading the end…
Such exciting moments at all IC events,
Potter Cup, Columbus, Windmill & other tournaments…

Even if you've lost a game in hands,
Only here you always win the real thing: friends,
"To love the game beyond the prize",
From the IC poem we quote,
We, friends, are always together-
In our happy IC boat!!