Rules and Regulations


Article 1º - Constitution, name and location

The International Lawn Tennis Club of Spain was founded in Barcelona the fourth of June of 1973.

Article 2º - Goals and aims

1º Encourage and develop the sport spirit and friendship among the tennis players who have represented their country or their club in international tournaments
2º Encourage sportsmanship and empathy among players.
3º Help in the welcome and hospitality of foreign players visiting our country.
4º Give information to the members when visiting foreign countries.

Article 3º - Partners

The Club members may be grouped as follows:
Founder members, the ones that founded the club,
Ordinary members, have been admitted by the admissions committee
Temporary member, members admitted for one year time, who may change to ordinary members after that period of time.
Honorary member, members that have been invited to so for their special collaboration
Junior members, juniors from 16 to 21 years.

Article 4º - Admission rules

The admission of partners will be subject to acceptance of the Committee of the Club and if necessary through secret vote.

Article 5º - New Partners

Each new partner will receive the written notification of his admission and information of the fees to be paid. The payment of the fees implies the acceptance of the statutes.

Article 6º - Social fees

The fees will be settled by the Committee of Management. The honorary partners will not pay fees The temporary members will pay twice the annual fee. The not payment of the annual fee will result in the withdrawal of the membership.

Article 7º- The Committee of Management

The committee is formed by a minimum of seven members and a maximum of nine members, elected by the general assembly (founder, honorary and ordinary members).
Fifteen days before assembly, for renewing the board, there must be presented the candidatures lists´ for submit to votation.
On the first votation, the absolute majority will be necessary, and on second votation is accepted the relative majority.
The board will be elected for four years, taking place on the olympic years.
The board is formed by a president, a vice-president, a honorary secretary, a treasurer, a captain and two or four more members.

Article 8º - Withdrawal or resignation

In case of withdrawal or resignation of a member of the Management Committee the remaining members will be able to replace up to a maximum of three members, that will have to be approved in their positions by the general meeting. Their new position will be for the same time period the person replaced was elected for.
In the case of resignation of the Management Committee, a new committee should be presented within 60 days. This should be approved by a general assembly under the presidency of the most antique member.

Article 9º - Committee of Management meetings

The Committee of Management should meet at least twice a year by request of the president. The Committee of Management should also meet anytime three members of the committee require to do so or anytime the interests of the IC may need to be discussed.
The meetings will be presided by the president, in his absence by the vice-president or by the most antique member of the association. A written record of the meetings will be signed by the president and the honorary secretary.
The committee will be constituted with the presence of five of its members for the regular matters and for the extraordinary subjects, like expulsion of a member, etc…, two thirds of their members will be necessary.
The decisions of the committee will be taken by majority and secret voting if a member requires so.

Article 10º - Responsibilities of the Committee of Management

The committee will take care of preparing the budgets, present them in the annual general assembly, admission of members, organization of tournaments and matters related to the association.

Article 11º - President

The president will represent the organization of the Club in all the public events. In his absence the vice-president will represent it and in the case of both absences, the honorary secretary.

Article 12º - Auditors

In the annual general meeting, auditors will be nominated to control the budget of the club. They will report in the annual general meeting.

Article 13º - Annual General Meeting

The members will meet once a year in the annual general meeting . The Committee of Management should give 15 days notice to the members and they should meet during the first six months of the year.
The modification of statutes will have to be asked for 30 days ahead to the assembly and by a minimum of 20 partners, having to be approved by two thirds of the present votes. Each partner has right to vote being able to delegate his vote on other member. If president cannot preside the assembly, vice-president or honorary secretary cannot either, most antique member will preside it.

Article 14º - Disciplinary Procedures

In case that the committee thinks that a members attitude is harmful for the association or for the association goals , committee may ask for the members withdrawal. Withdrawal will be accepted with the acceptance of two thirds of the members.

Article 15º - Affiliation

The IC of Spain is affiliated to the Spanish Tennis Federation and the Catalan Tennis Federation.

Article 16º - Dissolution

The dissolution of the Club will have to be exposed and deliberated in the annual general meeting and approved by two thirds of the members with the right to vote. In the annual general meeting, two auditors will be named to examine the budget of the club and report to the annual general meeting.